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The mediumship show


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LIVE - The mechanics of mediumship

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Live facebook meditation to heal the world 28th March 9am EST 


Join me on guided spirit conversations whereI was a guest panalist for an interesting hour talking about the different modalities

On todays she we looked at death bed visions (DBV's) and shared death expereinces (SDE's)

I will also be connecting with a loved one in Spirit - Perhaps it s for you



On todays show we looked at the two cases of children who remembered their past lives with absolute clarity

I also brought two people and a dog through from Spirit

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mike :-)

On Todays live show we looked at the many accounts from people who had experienced Near Death Experiences.

When we understand that life continues and we do indeed survive the earthly body, then we have the comfort of knowing that  our loved ones are going through a transition, they are on there next adventure.

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